Sightjogging is an urban guided running

Sightjogging combines at the same time cultural discovery and running which attracts lots of running lovers throughout the world who are fond of heritage ! A real opportunity to discover the iconic monuments of Tours... running !

Portrait of Simon Jeannet

I am Simon, born in Angers, Loire Valley, 47 years ago. I live in Tours and work as a licensed tour guide. I love sports (running, cross fit, skiing), gastronomy in all its meanings (bistros, gourmet places, farmers' markets, our seasons, our wines...), wildlife (our river, its birds, its everchanging aspects), our heritage (the graceful Renaissance architecture). In these running tours, all my passions are put together. These are the tours I would love to follow if I was myself a visitor in the Loire Valley.

Age: 47 years ago.

Job: licensed tour guide

Running experience: since young age

Favourite places: Loire river banks and estate of Chambord

Talked Language: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish

Simon Jeannet